Annette Hemminger defines sleep apnea and shares why it is a serious medical condition. She also discusses the different treatment options and why a dentist can be a part of the solution!
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Meet Annette Hemminger, RN, LMT

Annette Hemminger Annette Hemminger, RN, LMT has a variety of medical experience. She is currently the owner of Massage Therapy and Movement in Berea Ohio. Annette combines her knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the physical body with her intuitive perceptions to create a unique experience of massage for each client. She creates a sense of well-being by utilizing massage therapy and energy medicine. She connects intuitively with each person she touches and facilitates an alignment of body, mind and spirit. Her expertise and experience includes:

• neuromuscular massage for all types of headaches
• Myofacial release for injuries and pain
• TMJ pain and symptoms
• Back, neck, and shoulder pain
• Postural balancing using Muscle Energy Release Therapy (The Gibbons Method)
• Reiki
• Energy Medicine
Her nursing degree was obtained at Providence Hospital School of Nursing, Sandusky, Ohio, in 1974. Her massage therapy education and licensure was completed at National Institute of Massotherapy in Akron, Ohio in 1996. Annette is a Reiki Master and Certified Energy Practitioner through Reiki Awakening Academy. She recently, in December 2014, became a Certified Chakradance Facilitator. Chakradance is a moving meditation experience.

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