How Do You Identify the Lean Gene?

How do you hire efficiency mavens? Lean-gene carriers? People who naturally ask the questions that lead to smarter processes? In the manufacturing operations world, Dan Toussant offers insights on the distinction between supply-chain and Lean professionals, which can help the hiring manager know he’s adding Lean value in a hire.
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Meet Executive Recruiter, Dan Toussant

Dan ToussantDan Toussant, Executive Recruiter, is the President of Dan Toussant & Associates, a recruitment and HR consulting business built around executive, management and sales searches. Dan offers clients a dual focus of recruitment and coaching expertise with over 30 years of Human Resource Management experience. He has held corporate managerial training and recruitment responsibilities for publicly traded global manufacturing and electric utility organizations.
As an entrepreneur, Dan established a human resource consulting division that provided recruitment, career transition coaching, and human resource outsourcing services to clients within a professional service firm, and managed that human resource consulting practice for seven years.
As the corporate HR leader, Dan led the recruitment programs in both a hospital and a professional service firm. He also developed an innovative leadership training program for junior partners and managers. He authored a nationally recognized performance coaching system, and served as senior adviser to that system.
Dan Toussant & Associates is a franchise member of Sanford Rose Associates network, the eleventh largest search firm in the US and the Americas. The firm also holds memberships in the Ohio Recruiters Association and the Society of Human Resource Professionals.
Dan is also a partner in The Interview Doctor, an HR training-coaching collaborative to provide smart-hiring strategies to hiring managers and job-interviewing skills coaching to career changers.
Dan is an active member of Toastmasters International and the Society for Human Resource Management. He earned the Senior Professional in Human Resources designation. He serves on two non-profit boards for children, and also chairs a program for children of incarcerated parents.

Watch Dan Toussant’s video series, Insider Tips From An Executive Recruiter.


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