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Mix Strategy

Lynne Wilson is the President of Mix Strategy.

Lynne also shares her message through public speaking, workshops and keynotes. Visit her speaker profile at Lynne Wilson on BizTV Shows Speakers to get the details of her topics.

Lynne’s episodes for the spring/summer season include in May, “Facebook Ads 101- How to Get Started” and “Sharing the Social Content of Others,” in June, “How to Use Facebook Groups for Business,” and “Running Social Contests to Increase Engagement,” in July, “How to Plan 30 Days of Content in 30 Minutes,” and “Using Video on Social,” and in August, “How to Connect With Local Customers via Social Media” and “The Art of Persuasion: How to Use Words That Sell.”

Strategic Social Media episodes By Lynne Wilson

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Meet Lynne Wilson, Social Media Strategist

Lynne WilsonAs a Social Media Strategist Lynne Wilson helps businesses of all sizes develop and grow an online presence through social media.

Lynne’s experience includes marketing/advertising on the client side, design work and social media content creation and account management. She specializes in social media because she feels it allows her to be part marketer, part writer and part designer. These skills are all used to create great social content.

Lynne uses her experience and knowledge to assess where you are now and what steps are needed to get you to the next level. Each client has a different situation and every strategy will have some differences. This is not an off-the-shelf product. Lynne works with each client to learn what their specific strengths and weaknesses and build a strategy that can actually be implemented.

She can also take this one step further by providing ongoing support and providing all content and posting services. This is perfect for business owners who need to spend their time running the business. Lynne can both maintain AND GROW your presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

Learn more about Lynne Wilson at mixstrategy, and also on Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter.