Workplace Health: Improving Employee Health and Productivity hosted by Shanna Dunbar, RN, COHN-S


Workplace Health Inc

Shanna Dunbar, RN, COHN-S is the President of Workplace Health Inc.

Shanna also shares her message through public speaking, workshops and keynotes.

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Meet Shanna Dunbar, RN, COHN-s

Shanna Dunbar RNShanna Dunbar, RN, COHN-S, the founder and President of Workplace Health Inc., brings over 25 years of occupational health experience to focus on improving employee health and productivity of your company.

She holds a Certificate in Workers’ Compensation Administration and Management from the University of California and her educational preparation at UCLA in Kinesiology brings a particular expertise in Ergonomics and job analysis.

Her expertise is in teaching companies how they can save money by improving employee health & safety. Her company, Workplace Health Inc. (WHI), provides Occupational Health and Wellness programs to employers that improve employee health & productivity. They are part of the solution in creating a company culture of health and well-being.

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