Shanna Dunbar: What is Total Worker Health®?

Traditional occupational safety and health focuses on the goal of ensuring that workers leave at the end of the work day in the same condition that arrived. But what if we chose to focus on a goal of ensuring that a worker leaves at the end of the work day in a BETTER condition of health? Shanna Dunbar explains.
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Meet Shanna Dunbar, RN, COHN-S

Shanna Dunbar RNShanna Dunbar, RN, COHN-S, the founder and President of Workplace Health Inc., brings over 25 years of occupational health experience to focus on improving employee health and productivity of your company.

She holds a Certificate in Workers’ Compensation Administration and Management from the University of California and her educational preparation at UCLA in Kinesiology brings a particular expertise in Ergonomics and job analysis.

Her expertise is in teaching companies how they can save money by improving employee health & safety. Her company, Workplace Health Inc. (WHI), provides Occupational Health and Wellness programs to employers that improve employee health & productivity. They are part of the solution in creating a company culture of health and well-being.

Watch Shanna Dunbar’s video series, Workplace Health: Improving Employee Health and Productivity.


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