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Lynnette Begue-Lavery, Professional Image Consultant is the Founder of Uniquely Your Image.
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Meet Lynnette Begue-Lavery

Lynnette Begue Lavery show hostLynnette Begue-Lavery, Author, Speaker and owner of Uniquely Your Image has a passion for teaching others how to maximize their innate energy and create their own makeover for success. Combining over 25 years of experience in corporate America with 22 years as an independent image consultant specializing in skin care and color analysis, she helps clients build self-confidence and perfect their total image.

Lynnette provides education on the significance of different styles and offers the tools to empower clients to create their own unique style. Training on the importance of color, design, style, and texture, she helps others discover their style and improve their communication skills and relationships, both personal and professional.

Lynnette encourages everyone to discover and understand their inner beauty and emphasize their natural gifts’. This in turn allows them to be free and experience more synergy and success.

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